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Mind-Blast.net // Multi-Genre RP Forum

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<b>Mind-Blast.net</b> is an RPG forum that caters for several different RPG Games at once. The idea of the forum is an emphasis on the roleplay itself rather than all the OOC bits and bobs. Members only need to apply to join the board itself rather than each individual game. Once their application has been approved they are free to join any game hosted here.

It is then up to the members to create a character, post a character profile and following the rules of each game. There are no set timelines in the games, and members are catergorised 'Roleplay Grades' which show other members how many times they are able to post each week. This is so that RPers can roleplay at a pace that suits them with others that post at a similar pace. In other words; roleplay how you want to.

This doesn't mean that there are no rules or guidelines here at Mind-Blast.net. The normal no powerplaying, god modding and other roleplaying ettiquette rules exist, and we maintain an intermediate to advanced level of writing. This means that Mind-Blast.net is not suitable for beginners. There will be a moderator per game to oversee the game, but otherwise the game is in the hands of the players themselves.

Currently there are three active games at M-B.net and more will be added in the future. Members can petition to have a Game added to M-B.net at any time. One thing you will come to notice about the Games here; they always feature original characters. Even if a game is set in a fandom universe canon characters are not accepted.

<b>Dark Pretenses</b> is an old game of mine that has reopened here on M-B.net. It is a supernatural/urban fantasy game set in the University of Reading, UK, and features original species and ideas.

<b>Celestial Illusions</b> is an game based in the Anita Blake universe created by Laurell K Hamilton, featuring original characters and plot.

<b>Stonehythe</b> is an epic fantasy game based in land seperated by war and past grudges.

<center><font color=309241 face=verdana size=2><center><b><a href="http://mind-blast.net">Visit Mind-Blast.net</a>

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